Do you use WordPress? If so, you might be, like I am, confused about the difference between Categories and Tags.  Here’s a roundup of a few useful posts I found to get to the bottom of this as I’m trying to organize my blog.

Tom from ManageWP says:

But in a nutshell, if categories are the table of contents for your blog, tags represent the index.

– via’s support forum provided this example:


In thinking about SEO (Search Engine Optimization), here’s a useful tidbit from Syed at WPBeginner:

You are better off with 5 generic categories that have fresh content rather than 30 top categories where majority are not updated.



  • Use CATEGORIES to choose a few basic themes, like a table of contents
  • Use TAGS to pull out the nitty-gritty details, but don’t go overboard; limit to a max of 10 per post; can serve as an index if you want to look something specific up later