Using the data that I collected in summer 2009 – the interviews and surveys I conducted with 35 non-governmental organizations in Costa Rica – I wrote a few papers as a Master’s student.  One of which I presented at the National Communication Association’s annual conference last November.  I’ll briefly summarize each of the papers and include download links as follows:

Word cloud for “We are small, but united we will go far”

“We are small, but united we can go far”
Online Collaboration among Costa Rican Sustainable Development Civil Society Organizations
Co-authored with Michelle Shumate

This paper sums up and presents the results of our study in the context of the digital divide.  Moving past the yes/no binary of having access to technology (in our case, the Internet), this paper uses our interviews and surveys to evaluate the access level, skill levels, and different perceptions of technology that can affect its use for online collaboration.  One of the main take-away points is that most participants have desires to collaborate, but these desires are currently unsatisfied. Click here to read the full paper.

Word cloud for Gender and the Digital Divide in Costa Rica

Impacts of the Digital Divides on Collaboration in the Sustainable Development Civil Society Sector of Costa Rica
For HCD 571: Gender Relations in International Development, Spring 2012

Generally, women are less able and less likely to use communication technologies – however the case study data from Costa Rica shows a different picture.  Women were equal to men in access and skill levels.  A much bigger variable was urban vs. rural, with those participants located in rural areas having less access and generally lower skill levels for Internet use.  Click here to read more.