This is a work in progress. Last update: 5/6/19

Here are some of my most frequently shared resources – from beginners to super-nerdy:

Getting Started with Network Mapping

Network Discovery + Evaluation Tools

Capacity + Networks

Network Visualization + Software

  • Tools I use:
    • d3, a javascript visualization library (and Mike Bostock does a particularly great job with it)
    • Kumu: an online network visualization tool, freemium model
    • Gephi: desktop-based open source network mapping tool, free
    • June Holley’s SNA tool.  Ask her!
  • Tools I know of and don’t use:
  • Tools for survey-based data collection:
    • Network map surveys require you to collect information about the connections between a lot of people and require a slightly specialized question to do so, sometimes called a Checkbox Matrix.  Check your survey software to see if it allows for it.  At the time of writing, Survey Gizmo and Survey Monkey paid plans support it.
    • Sum-App – developed by network consultant Christine Capra and her husband, specifically designed for network mapping and to be connected to Kumu (see above)

Design and Co-design

Systems Thinking and Mapping

Leadership in Networks; Leadership for Systems Change

Funding Networks


  • Keywords: Building a language of systems change (PDF)

Case studies

Thought leaders

Feeds, Lists, and Other things to follow