Hi there. Thanks for coming to read my blog.

I haven’t written in a while, but writing to share my intention to start again soon. Mostly, I’ve been focusing on other parts of my life and haven’t had the time I wanted to to dedicate to writing on work-related topics.

Since my last post, I relocated to Mexico City and have been deeply embedded in learning about my heritage and family here, culture, and perfecting my Spanish. And becoming accustomed to all the new micro-biota I didn’t have antibodies for (aka getting sick a lot!). I also adopted two adorable kittens (Copelia and Ramona) who have kept me busy.

Some topics that you can look forward to reading about here are:

  • The cultural shifts necessary to achieve a network mindset
  • Co-design processes and experiments
  • Cultures of communication, particularly regarding technology and network contexts
  • Ideas around transformation, from embodying love to manifesting it at the level of economy

Are there other topics that you’d like me to write about? Or any questions you’ve been toying around with lately? I’d love to hear them – send me an email at arisahagun@gmail.com!