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Check out the White Paper outlining our research in Costa Rica with 35 organizations, called Why Costa Rican sustainability-related organizations don’t collaborate And what to do about it

Problem Statement

Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) do useful, meaningful, and beneficial work. Often, however, NGOs do this work in isolation, not working together.

white paper

To address large-scale problems like climate change, habitat destruction, resource privatization, and nuclear proliferation, sustainability NGOs must work together.

Econexión provides the infrastructure, models, and training to work together. We do two things unlike any other social network. First, we maintain a suite of project management tools that help organizations collaborate, in addition to social networking functionalities. More importantly, we host trainings and discussions to demonstrate successful models of collaboration, showing the value added of supplementing existing relationships by working together online.

Click here to read the 4 page white paper.