I work with social justice organizations and B-corps to support the lifeblood of their work: their relationships.  Visualizing a network opens a new process to leverage organizational relationships, build capacity, and unlock untapped assets within your network.  Work with me to undertake this process, at any of the following levels:

Network visualization, evaluation, and strategy: a cycle of transformation

Network visualization/mapping

  • Develop research questions and methodology (surveys) for understanding network
  • Run survey, including snowball sampling
  • Input data into network mapping software such as Gephi or NodeXL
  • Production of network maps, given initial research questions
  • Facilitated discussions around maps and outline of next steps

Example deliverables: usable network map (visualization/snapshot of relationships), benchmarking report for use in strategic networking activities

Network evaluation (builds upon network map)

  • Conduct network evaluation for existing networks
  • Develop tools for evaluation the network (analytics)
  • Setting up systems for long-term collection of data for evaluation over time

Example deliverables: development of clear tools for analysis, benchmarking report for use in strategic networking activities, network assessment

Network strategy (builds on assessment of network)

  • Develop vision, goals, and tactics for network
  • Develop long-term evaluation and goals for longitudinal network weaving
  • Connect data/evaluation to end goals

Example deliverables: strategic networking plan

Network Weaver coaching

  • One-on-one coaching sessions for connectors within your network
  • Sharing and exploration of resources
  • Training on longitudinal network mapping – tracking relationships over time
  • Mentoring on technologies that support collaborations

Example deliverables: customized tools and/or systems to track relationships over time


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