TLDR: The Short Version

My passion is supporting social justice work.  I do so through leveraging relationships to build capacity — sort of like matchmaking — at a network level.  I also have a knack for web design and making technology approachable.
Right now, this looks like facilitating peer learning amongst climate justice organizations in the United States, mapping interconnections between citizen-generated data initiatives around the world, and developing behaviors for large-scale network health to end violence against women.

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Questions that entertain my thoughts are:
  • How can remember our inherent interconnectedness in a society that wants to see us as individuals?
  • (How) Can technology support us in creating a world where climate justice is realized?
  • How are power dynamics playing out in relationships and networks?
  • How do we resource all of these efforts, in particular through investment capital?


Manifesta: core principles and values that support my work

  • Attention to language as exclusive|inclusive; use language to build community
  • Climate justice movement empowerment: in service of its visions and values | scale connect, network
  • Rootedness in Mother Earth and ecology; centering of relationships
  • Inherent connectedness, abundance, sovereignty as an intentional contraction to isolation and individualism
  • Courage to follow innovation and new ideas; failure as process, growth as resilience
  • See the limits of current systems: choose when to react constructively and when to build something new
  • Humor, hope, lightness, celebration
  • Work that values intelligence, integrity, and fair compensation for all parties involved

Inter-Organizational Networker

ari-sahagunI’ve been working with non-profits and social justice organizations since 2004 – spanning the gamut from 3 person groups with a mission to international non-governmental organizations and many variations in between.

I spent the majority of my time as a college student building bridge organizations to push the administration toward getting renewable energies on campus and was part of creating a self-imposed student fee that generated $1M/year for sustainability related projects on campus.

I’ve interned with environmental and social justice non-profits from tiny ones you’ve never heard of to Greenpeace.

I co-founded a non-profit called Econexión to empower sustainable development organizations through increased communication. This involved 3 years of working with sustainable development NGOs and businesses in Costa Rica interviewing them about their technology use and collaboration. Later, we lead 3 trainings at EARTH University, reaching 60+ small businesses and NGOs in the sustainable development field.

I received a Master’s degree in organizational communication, with a focus on networks among non-governmental organizations. My  advisor was Michelle Shumate, one of the top scholars on organizational networks. Together, we worked on a thesis involving organizational technology use and the digital divide in Costa Rica. (Read more about this here.)

Web Designer/Developer

Since the time of AOL CDs in the mail, LAN parties, and before “google” was a verb, I’ve been learning web development, design, and programming. A self-taught freelancer, I have the expertise of many sub-fields all in one person and sometimes do contract work as a web designer/developer.  Here’s my web services and portfolio.

Clear Communicator & Technology Mentor

I am dedicated to clear communication that is based on the shared level of technical experience. If that means a client is unfamiliar with technical jargon, I can clearly explain technical concepts in plain English (and Spanish!).

Principled, Appropriate Technologist

I don’t think technology will save the world, but I think it can help. Check out my principles for how to use and implement technology mindfully.