I recently attended SM4NP and another workshop on Facebook marketing.  From them, I’ve distilled the top 5 ways to get more likes on Facebook as a non-profit or business:

  1. Use rich media like videos, images, and audio in your posts.  Videos get 4x more air time on Facebook walls, and images get 2x more.
  2. Facebook posts that end in question marks are more likely to show up on your follower’s walls.  What can you ask to engage more people?
  3. Blog posts formatted as lists (posted to Facebook) get more hits.  What “top 5,” “7 best,” or “10 worst” ideas can you share?
  4. The “burrito principle” – people check Facebook while their waiting in line for a burrito, spontaneously, and at different times of the day than they check email.  Think about and look through your Facebook Insight data to see when your posts get the most play.
  5. Experiment and use data-driven analysis to craft future strategy when using social media.  Think about what made some posts more popular than others: was it the photos?  Photos of specific things? Tips or tricks in your industry?  One new facet that social media brings to the sphere of marketing is instantaneous data – use them!

Sources: SM4NP and ACSBDC/Chevron’s “Building an Online Presence Seminar 5: Facebook for Customer Engagement” (click for their digital goodies)