Movement Network Ecology

I work with movement networks to build connections, understand flows of resources, encourage collaborations and innovation, and analyze dynamics like power within the network.

In other words I help them make sure they’re doing what they think they’re doing. Learn more →


About Me

I support social and climate justice movements through network building and open-source technologies. I consult with these networks create frameworks to understand power dynamics, connect capacities to needs, and suggest new partnerships. I’ve worked as an organizer for a decade for various causes like clean water, renewable energy, union rights, and indigenous sovereignty. Read more →

What’s new? Latest blog posts

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Resources + Tools

This section is coming soon. For now, feel free to browse my collection on or start with this list.

Consulting / Services


Power Analysis

Understand how power and influence works in a network | Get started →



Set a goal for the network and define ways to measure progress | Get started →


Network Analytics

Create meaningful, specific ways that demonstrate efficiency within a network | Get started →


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