Hello! My name is Ari, like “airy.”

I connect humans to other humans through technology.


Network ConsultantI work with networks of NGOs to visualize, evaluate, and improve their relationships. Read more →
Web DeveloperI help clients become self-sufficient online content producers in custom-designed beautiful online spaces. Read more →
Technology MentorFear not – technology can become a tool you use rather than avoid! Read more →

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Gentefication: People before profit August 17, 2014

I love this take on the Bay Area’s class+race issue of gentrification. To GENTEfy, says Julio Salgado: People before property, People before profit, People before visions of perfection by opportunistic and parasitic developers. Here’s the poem, from Dreamers Adrift. “Oftentimes, I feel like these words I speak no longer belong to me. These exclamations, estos ... Read More →